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Terms and Conditions

  1. Pricing: Pricing of trips may change. Special discounts are offered for families with children and large groups only. Under 16 year old must be accompanied by an adult. Trip prices do not include food, drink, transfers or entry fees to any attractions. 

2. Smoking,Food and Drink on coaches: Smoking is not permitted on board, but all tours make frequent stops.No hot     food or drinks to be allowed inside the coaches. Any snacks or food offered is complimentary and is at our       discretion. 

3. Cancellations: Full refund will be offered if trip is cancelled 14 days prior and 50% after that. 

4. We strongly advice you to have your travel insurance for the trip. 

5. Changes in pickup points, Time and trip location: In rare cases we may have to change the date, location or       time of the trip. If this happens, we will notify you at the earliest opportunity. If we have to cancel a         trip for any reason, we will offer you an alternative date or full refund if the new date is not suitable for     you. 

6. Communication: All the communication with us must be dealt during our working hours by email or through our       mobile/land line number.

7. Harassment and Abusive Behaviour: Our staff have right to work without any fear. We will not tolerate any         kind of harassment, threats or abusive behaviour over the phone or on the trip. In such cases, you will not       be allowed to go on the trip and you will lose your full fee. We also reserve the right to not to accept a       guest if they have been abusive to our staff.

8. All trips are subject to a minimum number. If we did not have enough people we have right to cancel the trip upto one day before in which case we will offer you a full refund or an alternative trip.

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